Obstructive Jaundice

Your GP will have referred you to GI Choice for investigation of your jaundice (yellow eyes and skin). This usually indicates a problem with the liver itself or a blockage of one of the tubes that bile flows down (bile ducts). You will be offered an appointment the same week to see one of the team specializing in this type of problem (Mark Wright, Neil Pearce, Mohammad Abu-Hilal).

During your appointment we will take a full history, undertake a thorough examination and offer a preliminary opinion. The next step will usually be to obtain some further blood tests and then to arrange a scan with one of our radiologists (Hacking, Stedman). The scan will usually take place on the same day.

After the procedures we will discuss with you the diagnosis and arrange for further investigations if appropriate and recommend a management/ treatment plan.

Where there is a blockage of the bile duct it will be necessary to relieve this as soon as possible either by performing an ERCP or by interventional radiology. Having relieved the blockage, depending on the cause we can then offer you surgical consultation with one of our surgeons (Pearce, Abu Hilal)

When the jaundice is due to a problem with the liver itself it may be necessary to perform a liver biopsy.

Conditions explained

Conditions explained

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