Liver Surgery

Open liver surgery

Primary Liver Cancers

Secondary Liver Cancers

Until the last twenty years almost all secondary cancers in the liver were considered inoperable. As surgical techniques have improved and our knowledge of the behaviour of different types of cancer has expanded the indications for operating on secondary liver cancers have widened.  New chemotherapy drugs that can shrink tumours have also helped to broaden the number of cases that we can offer surgery to.

The most common secondary cancer that we operate on after it has spread to the liver is bowel cancer

Laparoscopic (keyhole) liver surgery

Southampton has the largest experience of laparoscopic liver resection in the UK. In 2006 we performed more than 30% of our liver surgery cases laparoscopically. By 2009 this has risen to over 50%. In the UK there are very few surgeons who have performed laparoscopic liver resection and in total there have probably been fewer than three hundred and fifty cases performed across the nation from 2003-09, half of these have been done in Southampton.

The advantages are a much faster recovery time and shorter hospital stay, with fewer respiratory (chest) complications, less risk of infections and less abdominal scarring.

Conditions explained

Conditions explained

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