Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a chronic viral infection of the liver. It causes a gradual accumulation of scar tissue within the liver which can eventually lead to cirrhosis and its complications.

It is a treatable condition and in the majority of cases a permanent cure can be acheived. New oral drugs are available, virtually side effect free and highly effective, providing a cure for about 90% of patients.

In patients who have been previously treated for hepatitis C, but who have failed to clear virus with the older drug combinations these new drugs offer really good chance of clearing the virus on retreatment even in people with cirrhosis.

Further agents are currently at advanced stages of development and clinical trials offer another way to get treatment.

These are licenced, NICE approved drugs and your insurance company may well be prepared to fund them. We can prepare quotations for the cost of treatment if you are not insured.

Dr Mark Wright, our Hepatologist, has extensive experience of treating Hepatitis C both at Spire and Southampton General Hospital, and is also the principal investigator for a number of HCV clinical trials. He is the chair of the local Wessex HCV operational delivery network.

The "landscape" for treating HCV is changing rapidly and a detailed consultation is essential for patients considering treatment.